Avoid gastritis with juices and tea

Gastritis is renowned health problem that occurs when the coating of the stomach is inflamed or irritated.
People with frequent stomach upset or heartburn are most likely to have suffered gastritis. It is important that people should know some effective homemade tea or juice that will help improve stomach health reduce if not avoided gastritis.
Cabbage juice – is a good remedy for gastritis. You may not know it yet but the result is very positive. You just have to liquefy a previously boiled cabbage leaves and mix with water in equal parts. We recommend taking it with empty stomach.
Cabbage salad – just like its juice counterpart, cabbage salad is also a good homemade remedy for gastritis. Look for the red cabbage at the grocery store and garnish with a drop of oil and salt. Take this salad at least two or three times a week. You will see improvement.
Carrot Juice and celery – is another homemade gastritis remedy. Blend carrot and two stalks of celery in oil. Taking it for a month will show some improvements.
Coconut water – is a good choice if you want to make a day cleanser. Doing this requires you to drink only coconut water the entire day.
Warm water mixed with lemon juice – this homemade gastritis remedy helps minimize the production of grásticos for a while, since the juice acidity causes this effect. Its high healing power made it a recommended remedy for people with mild ulcer.
Rooibos tea – is the most simple to prepare among any other homemade remedy for gastritis.

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