Control Your Weight Gain When In A Relationship

Not many people believe that weight gain can be associated with relationships.

To be in love is undoubtedly a great feeling. It ushers in a glow in your face. The new found energies make you feel buoyant. But that’s not all you get out of falling in love. You also skip your work-outs; savour the choicest of delicacies at your favourite restaurants and before long you find that you have developed flab around your stomach.

The truth is – being in a relationship can also result in weight gain.
Amy Gorin, Ph.D., an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut said that people, who are in a stable relationship, adopt certain habits along with their partners that can lead to weight gain.

Below are five such habits that are associated with love and weight gain. But don’t feel hopeless; we also have some easy fixes for you to extricate out of it.

Habits that can lead to weight gain and some easy fixes

  • Eating out
    Unlike bachelors, married people or people who are in relationships tend to eat out. After all, love and courtship take shape around the dinner table. The endless hours you spend together, savoring the delectable foods may do a world of good in bonding you together but they also add to your calorie intake. A survey showed that a normal entree at a sit-down restaurant contains as much as 867 calories excluding the dessert, appetizers and sides.
    The Fix“Food plays an important part in our daily life,” says Elizabeth Ward, R.D., a nutritionist in Boston opines that it can also be sensual. You enjoy it preparing and tasting it together. We also tend to eat more when eating together.
    Hence, you should be extra-cautious, while eating together. Always select the foods that are low in fat. If you are planning to take your dinner outside, eat a snack that is rich in fibre and protein. Many women tend to starve during the day if they are scheduled to dine out. They are under the impression that this will help to balance their calorie-intake during the day. This ploy in fact, can be counterproductive as it makes you hungry and you end up eating more foods.
    Taking a healthy snack like a fruit, a bowl of cereal or non-fat yogurt couple of hours before is a better way to approach your dinner.

  • Leading an inactive lifeThe journal Obesity has reported that it was revealed during a study that couples who have been staying together for more than two years are physically less active. It also reports that married women are more likely to gain weight than those who are single. Martin Binks, Ph.D., director of Binks Behavioral Health said that with a happy and contented family life, your daily routine is packed with things you would not do together. This leaves you with little time for yourself.
    The FixDo it together. The best way for couple to be conscious about their weight is to exercise together. Exercise, at times, can be monotonous if you do it alone. Studies point out that exercising along with your partner can be more beneficial. So, instead of going out for a movie together, go out for jog or a bike ride. Getting enrolled for a regular session in the same gym is also a smart move. You partner’s insistence for exercising will prompt you to work out on days you don’t feel like it.
  • Matching him at the dinner tableThe normal healthy diet of men is more than that of women. Many women try to match their male counterpart, forgetting that the portion considered healthy for him may not hold true in their case. The capacity to burn calories in women is 26 percent less than men. So, consuming as much as your male partner does is not good for you.
    The FixFill your plate in moderation. See that your portion is three-fourth of his share.
  • You can share his snacksYou are conscious of your weight and do not buy chips for you. But you can’t prevent your partner to do it. So, when you find that bagful of chips or pack of ice-cream lying innocuously in the cupboard, will you be able to resist the temptation? After all, he likes to eat them. During a study conducted by Newcastle University’s Human Nutrition Research Center it was found out that women tend to follow the eating habits of their partners. For them, it is one way of bonding together. But it also leads to weight gain.
    The FixHere are a couple of smart choices. You can either take a small portion of his ice cream or chips or keep a low fat alternative in readiness. Pop chips, hockey-puck-size Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are some of the healthier alternatives for chips and ice-creams that he is stuffing himself with. Perhaps with time, your food habits will rub onto him.
  • Leading a contended lifeBelieve it or not, living happily can lead to weight gain! A study in the Bio Psychosocial Medicine journal reported that people who lead a happy and contended life may find it difficult to shed weight than others who have a cautious approach towards life.
    The FixWatch your weight. It is good to lead a happy go lucky life without being concerned about your weight obsessively. But it does you no good just by ignoring what is obvious. Should you continue to be nonchalant about it even if you find your tummy bulging out each and every time you tuck your shirt into the trouser? Weighing yourself is one way of keeping your body weight under control. Watch the five-pound mark. Once you cross it, it will be difficult to control it. A study conducted by Duke University revealed that women who lost one-tenth of their body weight felt a dramatic improvement in their sex life.

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