Maintain Healthy Eyes With These Tips

 Healthy eyes form an important aspect of your overall health. Hence, it is imperative that you take good care of your eyes. The following tips would help you do it.

Tips for Healthy Eyes

  • Take At Least Three Breaks From Your Computer in An HourYou wouldn’t hurt your eyes by looking at the computer screen but they would surely get tired. Sitting in front of the computer reduces the number of times we blink by half. The distance between the computer screen and the eyes should be around 25 inches and it should be just under the eye level. Use a filtering screen to reduce the glare.
  • Use SunglassesUV radiation in the sunlight is bad for your eyes and can create cataract and cornea burn. At times, it can even result in cancer of the eyelids. Hence, blocking the UV radiation is very important. The reflected sunlight from smooth surfaces like water, concrete and sand also contain the UV radiation. So, wear sunglasses whenever you go out. They should be good enough to block 99% to 100% of UV-A and UB-B rays.
  • Wear Safety GlassesAlways wear glasses if you work in an environment where there are chances of some debris flying or some hazardous chemical coming in contact with your eyes. Doing this will also keep you safe from most of the eye injuries occurring during sporting activities like baseball, basketball, racket sports etc. The lenses you wear should be made of polycarbonate plastic materials as their capacity to resist impact is ten times higher than those of other materials.
  • Heart-Healthy Foods Help You Have Healthy EyesFoods that are good for heart also help your vision. So, eat plenty of leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits and whole grains. Foods enriched in zinc like peanuts, beans, peas, poultry, lean red meat and oysters prevents light damage. Vitamin A which is found in carrots is also good for vision. Other essential ingredients that help your eyesight are beta-carotene (found in fruits and vegetables), lutein and zeaxanthin(found in vegetables).
  • Take Good Care of Your Contact LensesYou should always follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the contact lenses. You should clean the lenses only with the approved cleaning substance during use. Do not wear it while sleeping or for more time than the recommended hours.
  • Do Not Use Eye Make-Up That is OldThe liquid and creamy eye make-up tends to facilitate bacteria growth over time. So, do not use such materials after three months or before that in case of infection. You can try some other product if there are allergic reactions but use only one at a time. Do not share your make-up products with others. Always wash your face before and after applying the make-up. Avoid using store samples.
  • Quit Smoking to Have Healthy EyesSmoking could be responsible for dry eyes and development of cataract. Smoking affects the arteries which apart from accentuating the risks of cardiac problems also causes loss of vision and retinal damage. Fortunately, the risk of developing eye disease for people who quit smoking is as good as those who do not smoke.

Things to do to Maintain Healthy Eyes

Sometimes, the eye problems could be due to some inherent causes that needs medical attention:

  • Consult Your Doctor in Case of Any Eye Problem
    Apply cold creams or use eye drops in minor cases of itching and dryness. But if there is pain in the eye, swelling eye, dark floating spots, sensitivity to exposure of light or inability to see normally, you should see your doctor immediately.
  • A Healthy Body is Essential for Healthy Eyes
    Eye problems can occur due to some health conditions which may otherwise seem unrelated. They include hypertension, diabetes, thyroid and lungs problems, autoimmune disorders, aneurysm, cancer and multiple sclerosis. You should tell your doctor about your current as well as past health conditions.
  • Eye Problems Can Be Caused by the Side-Effects of Some Drugs
    Some drugs like antibiotics, analgesics, anticoagulants, antidepressants, antacids, anti hypertensive, oral contraceptives, corticosteroids, diuretics can have a bearing on your eye-sight. The side-effects of drugs can manifest in the form of double vision, droopy eye lids, dry or watery eyes, sensitivity to exposure of light etc. Tell your doctor about the drugs you have been taking and ask if your eye problem could be related to it.
  • Go for Regular Eye Tests
    People between 21 to 40 years of age should get their eyes examined every other year even if they do not use glasses. People over the age of forty or those who use contact lenses should do it every year. This is necessary as many eye ailments like retinal damage or glaucoma do not give any early symptoms. Some doctors advise a thorough eye check-up for kids at the age of three, which is to be followed by one before the first grade and then every couple of years.

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