Non-Food Items That Are Ruining Your Smile

When most people think about dental care, they remember that they should avoid certain sugary foods.

However, they often tend to overlook many non-food items and habits that they indulge in every day that can lead to a breakdown of the tooth enamel.

Not only can these items lead to cavities, but they can also lead to even more serious dental health problems such as cracked teeth and nerve damage.

For this reason, the following non-food items are listed in order to help begin breaking unhealthy habits that can lead to serious tooth damage.

Chewing on Objects

A common nervous habit is chewing on pens and other nearby objects. Unfortunately, this causes unnecessary stress on the tooth surfaces.

This can lead to cracks and premature wear that places the mouth at risk for pain and tooth decay. Crunching ice also falls into the category of unhealthy habits. To overcome this issue, consider chewing on crunchy, yet mouth-healthy foods such as carrots or celery sticks.

Aggressive Tooth Brushing

Although it is important to include regular tooth brushing in a person’s oral hygiene routine, it is also possible to brush too hard. When a person brushes too aggressively, it can cause damage to the gums and teeth. As the gums recede, the softer surfaces of the teeth will become exposed. This can contribute to sensitivity in the teeth as well as an increased risk for cavities.

Night Grinding

Chronic stress and other factors can lead to a person grinding their teeth in their sleep. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that they indulge in this habit until the dentist notices significant damage to their teeth. Grinding can wear down the tooth surface, crack teeth and lead to chronic pain in the jaw. Fortunately, mouth guards can be worn at night in order to prevent further damage once a problem with night grinding has been diagnosed.

Tobacco Products

Tooth staining can ruin an otherwise healthy smile. Over time, the nicotine and tar in tobacco products will cause the teeth to become stained yellow and brown.

Additionally, smoking and chewing tobacco have also placed a person at an increased risk of gum disease that will eventually lead to tooth loss. For this reason, dentists recommend that a person abstain from all tobacco products in order to keep their smile and body healthy.

Knowing the types of non-food items that can ruin a smile is the first step towards preventing damage to the teeth. However, it is also important to develop a plan to avoid these items as many are linked to habits that have been developed over time.

For this reason, a person will want to seek out a dentist’s advice in order to learn more about how to avoid chewing, grinding and tobacco products so that they can enjoy having a bright and beautiful smile.

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