Gracie and her parents lost a combined 80 lbs as a family.

After her doctor suggested she lose weight, Gracie committed to lose weight with her parents. “I wanted to show my doctor that I could lose weight and also I wanted to fit into my musical theater costume.” Gracie’s parents, Brad and Mandy, joined to support her but soon after began seeing results themselves.

The whole family started making changes after watching educational videos. “We realized that even when we were eating the right foods, we were eating too much. Now, at suppertime we’ll say to each other, ‘That looks larger than the size of your fist!’ We are empowered with knowledge,” Mandy shares.

Gracie began tracking. “We realized that she was using up all of her reds just on lunch,” Mandy says. “We became more aware of our food choices and started making substitutions, for example, olive oil spray instead of regular olive oil.”

Now Gracie and her mom invest time each night to prepare healthy meals for the next day. Also, they began spending less time on the couch and more time outside.
After trying many diets in the past, Brad and Mandy liked that Kurbo felt sustainable.

“We didn’t have to eliminate an entire food group. We didn’t say ‘no carbs’ or ‘no fats’. We can eat everything, but we are just more aware of how to be more balanced,” Mandy says.

6 months later, not only has Gracie dropped 12 BMI points, but she also feels healthier.

Mandy and Brad have both lost 24 and 35 lbs respectively. “We have been overweight our whole lives. We have yo-yoed through a lot of different diets together, but this feels different,” Mandy says. “Brad even has his diabetes under control and is off one of his medications.”

The key to their success was doing it as a family. “Before we would do a diet that I liked and then a diet Brad liked. Now we are all on the same team, which works much better. We keep each other accountable, but also fight less about food,” Mandy notes.