Dara Sarshuri lost 180 pounds in just 10 months this year just by diet and exercise.

35-year-old Dara Sarshuri weighed 390 pounds in February 2018 and said he was shocked by the number.

“It was way more than I thought.” “I was just mad at myself. It really just hit me and I thought, ‘You got to do something. You are almost 400 pounds.’”

At first, he decided on gastric bypass surgery and had to lose some weight ahead of the procedure. In his first two months following an eating plan, he lost 55 pounds. He lost 45 more by June, a total of 100 pounds.

It was at that point he decided not to go forward with the surgery. He had also started exercising, first just by walking. He eventually joined a gym and goes five days a week, still walking on the weekends.

“I am stronger than I ever thought I was. I never had any confidence and now I see how far I have come. I can run. I can do push-ups. I take these small victories.”