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“It’s never too late to change your life.”

When Lele Jaro received a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in 2006, she didn’t leave the doctor’s office with a complete understanding of how the condition would influence the rest of her life, or fully equipped with the tools she’d need to manage it. “When I found out I had type 2, I didn’t really […]

“I wasn’t obese, I didn’t eat red meat… How could I have diabetes?”

When Bhupen Patel’s blood-sugar numbers came back high after a test, he thought they had to be a mistake. “I told my doctor to resample and send the blood to a different lab,” recalls Patel, 55, a technological consultant for waste water control in Greenwood, IN. “I’d been feeling low energy for more than six […]

“If it wasn’t for diabetes, I don’t think I’d feel as good as I do today”

In 2012, when a blood sugar test revealed that Lucia Grimaldo Shiffer was pre-diabetic, her doctor recommended she lose weight. At 5’1” and 172 pounds, Shiffer knew he was right, so she focused on eating veggies and low-fat protein—and dropped nearly 25 pounds in the process. “But my glucose wasn’t improving,” says 55-year-old Shiffer, a […]

“I didn’t think you could be fit—and have diabetes”

“Art Cutting” When Art Cutting turned 50, he bought an $1,100 bike—“a midlife-crisis purchase triggered by the fact that I looked like an Oompa Loompa,” he says. With that purchase, he soon became an avid cyclist and even completed endurance rides, like the 200-mile Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic. So when a blood test revealed […]