The Custom Keto Diet is a program that creates a personal plan for keto weight loss for individuals of all ages and sizes. The program is emailed to the user after a brief survey to understand what the user prefers to eat and what they don’t.

One of the hardest parts of any diet is what the individual has to give up. People with a major sweet tooth or a hankering for pasta will find themselves struggling to break their addiction to these foods, and the keto diet is one of the strictest diets that consumers have. Not only do users end up missing out on certain carbohydrates, but the diet is primarily notorious for getting rid of all carbohydrates. Bread, pasta, and other gluten-based foods have become a thing of the past, and breaking this habit can be hard. With Custom Keto Diet, consumers fight back to maintain willpower, get results, and keep their favorite foods.

Why The Custom Keto Diet Is What You Need

“Custom Keto Diet” creator Rachel Roberts credits the misinformation in the market as the reason that over 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese. Genetics isn’t the reason that consumers can be blamed for their weight issues, and there are many mistakes that people tend to make along the way. However, the Custom Keto Diet makes the entire program rather easy to follow, giving users the balance that they need to make the difference.

Rather than making mistakes that other programs make, Custom Keto Diet addresses:

  • Maintaining the right calorie deficit.
  • Providing enough calories to maintain the proper balance for metabolism.
  • Balancing out the diet with foods, rather than a calorie count.
  • Following a realistic diet.

By establishing the ground rules within the meal plan offered, users don’t have to worry about being hungry, feeling tired, or dealing with any of the common problems that occur with other keto diets. The diet specifically deals with the user’s current body and lifestyle, accounting for their goals and personal food preferences.

The whole program has been built with personal trainers, chefs, and even nutritionists to ensure that anyone can eat the way that they want without giving up their diet’s progress. Even by eating foods like bacon and cheese, users will find that their fat burning skyrockets and their appetite becomes easier to satisfy. Plus, since the program is put together for the user, it is relatively easy to keep up with for the next 8 weeks.

As profitable as this Custom Keto Diet plan could be for Rachel, she is not charging the $900+ that some consumers expect to see with this type of plan. Instead, the cost is dropped significantly to $37.

To reach the ordering page, users will have to fill out a brief questionnaire, which includes questions about:

  • The user’s gender
  • How much activity they have during the day
  • Which meats the user prefers (if any)
  • Which vegetables and other foods the user prefers
  • The user’s age, height, and weight

In the end, users will learn the calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates that they need each day, as well as how much water and how much weight loss they can realistically achieve in the first 30 days of the program. Once the user clicks the button to access their personal plan, they will have to pay the $37 fee before they see the specific portions and recipes assigned to them.


Custom Keto Diet

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